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From the desk of Robert Mandelberg,
Certified Professional Resume Writer & Certified Employment Interview Professional:

If you are actively looking for a job or planning to do so in the near future, keep reading. This may be the most important letter you read this year.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have recently been laid off and do not have a clue how to start looking for a job.

  • Your company or industry is going through changes and you feel that your job is not secure.

  • Your resume is way out of date and you haven’t been on an interview in years.

  • You feel that a certain part of your background is inadequate and is stopping you from landing a good job.

  • You are in a dead-end job and want to make a career transition – but think it’s futile in today’s job market.

  • You are re-entering the job market, and do not have a strategy.

  • You are frightened about the worsening reports of the deteriorating job market.

If you found yourself nodding yes to any of the above statements, then it is time to create a powerful job-search plan – one that focuses on your unique value, generates interviews, and produces job offers.

As a professional in the job-search industry for the past 22 years (I run a busy resume-writing and interview-coaching practice in central New Jersey), I have had the opportunity to work with tens of thousands of job seekers in virtually every field and on every level – from recent graduates to senior-level executives. And there is one thing I have learned: The most successful job seekers have a plan! Instead of haphazardly scanning internet job sites and randomly sending out resumes, these motivated self-starters create a systematic, cutting-edge job-search plan.


“How Do I Create an Effective Plan??”

Great question! It is understandable that you are not an expert in finding a job and developing a job-search strategy. But you can still create a top-notch plan by learning from the experts. To guide you through this process, I have assembled an elite team of leaders and experts from virtually every aspect of the job-search community:

  • Career Book Authors

  • National Career Coaches

  • Certified Resume Writers

  • Top Personal Branding Experts

  • Recruiters and Human Resources Executives

  • Professional Networking Gurus

  • Career Industry Innovators

  • Top Motivators

At this first-ever, one-of-a-kind summit, you will learn a systematic approach to building a successful job-search campaign. Each step of the job-search process is carefully explained by leaders in the field.

Whether you are brand new to the job market, or have been looking for work for many months, you are sure to pick up valuable information and insider secrets to help you conduct a meaningful job search and reach your career goals.

The Job-Search Tele-Summit is designed to give job seekers all the knowledge and resources they need to land a job. At the end of the summit, you will have learned how to:


Identify your “brand,” value points, and unique worth


Achieve “expert status” to gain a competitive edge


Craft high-powered, interview-generating resumes and cover letters


Develop a potent job-search network


Leverage technology to uncover and pursue job opportunities


Create winning interview strategies


Negotiate better salaries


Tap into the “hidden” job market


Successfully execute a career transition

Learn the ins and outs of job searching in a relaxed environment (your home or office!) in an nine-hour, intensive summit. As soon as you make your purchase, you will have access to the day-long seminar that could change your career
 – and your life!



Here’s your line-up of expert advisors: 

Jason Alba: Networking Guru. "Using LinkedIn to Enhance Your Job-Search"


Renee Alfieri: Human Resources/Recruiting Executive. "Making a Career Transition in a Tough Job Market"


Tony Beshara: America's #1 Recruiter.  "Everything You Need to Know about Recruiters"

Mary Elizabeth Bradford: The Career Artisan. "Tapping into the Unadvertised Job Market"

Jack Chapman: The Salary Coach.  "Maximize Your Income through Salary Negotiations"


Laura DeCarlo: President, Career Directors International "Cutting Edge Interviewing Techniques"

Susan Guarneri: Career Assessment Goddess. "Boost your Career through Personal Branding"


Robert Mandelberg:  aka Resume Rob.  "Creating Your Job-Search Plan"




Ford R. Myers: President
Career Potential, LLC
. "
How to Get a Job When No One's Hiring"


Eric Taylor: CEO of The Empowerment Group. "Setting Goals and Staying Motivated During a Job Search"



These Experts are Ready to Teach
You Their Secrets of Success

How much easier would life be if you could shorten your job search?

You can listen ANYTIME and over and over.


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Look at what we have lined up for you:

How to Get a Job When No One's Hiring

With a slumping economy and a deteriorating job market, many job seekers are discouraged and fearful of a prolonged and fruitless job search. Is it possible to land a good job in this market? Ford R. Myers, career expert and author of “Get the Job You Want, Even When No One's Hiring,” offers powerful advice and concrete strategies to thrive in an increasingly competitive job market. You will learn:

  • How to get an edge on your competition and put yourself ahead of the pack.

  • Expert advice on networking to identify and capitalize on the right opportunities.

  • How the right attitude can increase your chances of getting hired.

  • The importance of leveraging technology in an effective job-search plan.

  • How to impress employers by focusing on first impressions.

Ford R. Myers is President of Career Potential, LLC, a top career consulting and executive coaching firm.  He is author of two books: “The Ultimate Career Guide” and “Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring” (May 2009). Ford has appeared as a career management expert on many television and radio programs, such as NBC-TV, Fox-TV, CBS Radio Network, and Clear Channel Radio Network. His articles and interviews have been featured in such publications as Inc. Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Money Magazine, US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post.

Ford has conducted presentations at many organizations and universities including Princeton University, Harvard University Alumni Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management. Ford holds a Master's Degree in Human Resource Development.

"After 16 years with my last employer, I was very unsure about my job search. But with Ford's help, I felt that I had complete control of my interviews. I was also able to negotiate an additional $9,000 above the initial salary offer. In today’s job market, no one can afford to be without Ford's career coaching program!” – R. Prosini, Operations and Procurement Professional


Boost your Career through Personal Branding

One of the key elements in crafting a job-search plan is understanding the value you are bringing into a position. By analyzing your qualities both internally and externally, you will begin to see a clearer picture of your worth. Join Susan Guarneri, the “Career Assessment Goddess,” in an informative session discussing how to identify your personal brand, and how you can use it to strengthen your job-search campaign. You will learn:

  • What a personal brand is and why you need to identify it.

  • How to leverage your personal brand to gain a competitive advantage and boost your confidence.

  • The 4 “cornerstones” of personal branding.

  • The 5 most common mistakes people make regarding their personal brands.

  • How to combine career assessments and branding to understand personal value.

Known as the “Career Assessment Goddess,” Susan Guarneri has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from The Johns Hopkins University plus 23 years of experience in career counseling and coaching. She has assisted Fortune 500 companies with management development, team building, and career consulting. Susan holds 13 career-industry certifications, including National Certified Career Counselor and Master Personal Branding Strategist. In addition, she has won recognition as a Master Resume Writer with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Susan is the creator of the “Master the Maze of Career Assessments” program and the co-author of "Job Search Bloopers."  Her articles and interviews have been featured in,, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and more than 40 professional association publications and best-selling books. She holds leadership positions in the Wisconsin Career Development Association, Career Directors International, and Reach Branding Club.

"After 15 years in one industry I feared the difficulty in navigating this job change alone and I feared the potential salary cut I may be asked to take. I worked with Susan for 8 weeks. Susan delivered! … Susan helped me discover my true strengths, and how to present and sell them to prospective employers. I took a job in a new industry with a great compensation and benefits package. Susan's service is invaluable!" - Mark Milbury, Memphis, TN


Cutting Edge Interviewing Techniques

Are you prepared for a job interview? Do you know what to bring, what to say, and how to act to impress employers and gain a competitive edge? Laura DeCarlo, President of Career Directors International and author of several career books including “Interviewing: The Gold Standard,” offers a powerful presentation and teaches you how to create and implement a winning, proactive interviewing strategy to clearly and persuasively present your value. In Laura’s class, you will learn:

  • Preparation: What you need to do even before you walk into an interview.

  • Presentation Portfolios: What you should bring with you on the interview; what a career portfolio is and what needs to be included in it; ways to use your portfolio to increase credibility and gain control during the interview process.

  • Winning Answers: Great answers to tough interview questions including “Tell me about yourself.”

  • Questions: 14 questions to ask the interviewer during the interview (and what not to ask!).

  • Legal Issues: How to respond to illegal or inappropriate questions.

Laura DeCarlo holds a prominent leadership position in the career-services industry. As the President of Career Directors International, she plays a vital role in the development of educational and certification programs for career coaches, interview specialists, and resume writers. Laura is the Executive Director of A Competitive Edge Career Service, LLC, and has 16 years of expertise in resume writing, career coaching, and career management.

Laura is a resume writing expert for 54 professional associations, and holds nine industry certifications from Certified Expert Resume Writer to Master Career Director. Laura is the creator of the highly acclaimed “Interviewing: The Gold Standard" program, author of “Interview Pocket RX,” and co-author of “Job Search Bloopers.” She has also been published in 15+ resume / cover letter books, and has won seven prestigious resume writing and job placement awards. Laura has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and has appeared on NBC-TV and Wall Street Journal Radio.

"Laura has raised the bar on the resume writing and career coaching industry and she continues to "wow" me with each passing year … She is a patient and attentive mentor, and someone who has helped me hone my skills as a career professional. She has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people and be their cheerleader along the way." - Barnara Safani, President, Career Solvers


Everything You Need to Know About Recruiters

Recruiters and headhunters can play an important role in an overall job-search plan. But do you know how to locate, contact, and work with a recruiter to help you land a job? In this segment, you will be hearing from America’s #1 recruiter, Tony Beshara, as he explains in detail the ins and outs of working with recruiters. You will learn:

  • 8 different types of recruiters – and the benefits and disadvantages of each.

  • The best way to contact a recruiter. Pick up the phone? Send a resume?

  • How to impress a recruiter – to increase your chances of getting interviews.

  • Who the recruiter is working for: You or the company?

  • How a recruiter sharpen your interviewing skills and negotiate a better salary.

Tony Beshara is the President of the Dallas-based Babich & Associates. He has been named the #1 placement and recruitment specialist in the country by the Fordyce Letter, the industry’s learning journal. Since 1973, Tony has placed more than 7,000 people in more than 100 different job categories. His candidates have accepted positions earning from minimum wage to more than a million dollars a year.

If you are a fan of Dr. Phil, you have probably heard of Tony. He is Dr. Phil’s go-to guy for recruiting and career coaching for his guests seeking career guidance. Tony Beshara is the author of "The Job Search Solution" and "Acing the Interview." Tony’s books and job-search system have helped more than 100,000 people land jobs.

"Tony Beshara... is probably the top headhunter in America ... This guy is top-top-notch." - Dr. Phil


Maximize Your Income through Salary Negotiations

Every day, employees lose out on thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in annual salary, bonuses, benefits, and other incentives because they do not understand how the negotiation process works. Jack Chapman, author of "Negotiating Your Salary: How to Make $1,000 a Minute," discusses the secrets of salary negotiation. This course covers:

  • When to enter into salary discussions (and when not to!).

  • One simple word you can use that can add thousands of dollars to your salary.

  • How to lock in an offer, establish the “ground floor,” and maximize your compensation.

  • Who should give the first number – you or the employer? The answer may surprise you.

Jack Chapman is the author of the best-selling “Negotiating Your Salary – How to make $1,000 a minute,” which is the bible of salary negotiations and raise negotiations. Jack has coached more than 2,000 individuals at all levels – ranging from high-profile executives, whom he helped secure up to $300,000 extra to their salaries – to hourly-wage workers, who were able to bargain for extra pay, benefits, and perks.

Jack appears on countless TV and radio shows, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,,, and in the popular job-search book, “What Color is Your Parachute.

"Jack - Thank god I found you! With words I memorized from you, I was able to get the employer to tell me the company's salary range. You helped me refocus the interview on my value, instead of my price … I ended up with a 20% increase, the car allowance and other perks made it even better!” – Nathan


Social Networking:
Using LinkedIn to Enhance Your Job Search

One of the greatest job-search resources in the internet era is LinkedIn, a social networking site designed to help people manage and leverage their professional networks to reach their career goals. Jason Alba, career innovator, top national career blogger, and author of "I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?" gives a powerful presentation on how to use LinkedIn to get your next job. This course will cover:

  • How to be found: Tips to enhance your visibility and increase your changes of being found by recruiters, employers, associates, and old contacts.

  • Network building strategies: The best ways to connect with “open” and “closed” networkers; proper LinkedIn “Netiquette”; leveraging your network to maximize search capabilities.

  • Acquiring expert status: How to tap into LinkedIn’s resources to attain “expert status” and increase your online presence.

Widely acknowledged as a leading career management guru, Jason Alba is the author of “I’m on LinkedIn, Now What?” and the co-author of “I’m on Facebook, Now What.”  In his books, Jason explains the ins and outs of using social networking to help achieve career goals.  Jason is also the CEO and creator of, an innovative career management tool that helps job seekers organize their contacts and facilitate their job searches.  Jason is one of the premier bloggers in the career industry, gaining recognition from leading job-search professionals across the board.

"Jason Alba has established himself as a well-known and widely respected expert in the employment arena … His understanding of personal branding and networking come together in his new book about using LinkedIn."
- George Blomgren, Director of Marketing,


Tap Into The Unadvertised Job Market

If you have been frustrated by the lack of success on the big job boards, then you will get a lot of value out of this segment. Join the “Career Artisan,” Mary Elizabeth Bradford, in a fascinating look into the secrets of the hidden job market. Discover how to step outside the traditional job-search process to get your resume in front of hiring professionals. You will learn:

  • The 5 best ways to tap into the “hidden” job market: Creative techniques to identify and capitalize on unadvertised job openings – on all levels and in all industries.

  • Better results: How to increase your response rate by to up to 40%; how to use the hidden job market to increase your salary and job title.

  • Tons of resources: Find out the best websites and research methods to uncover hidden opportunities.

  • Better Control: Get a handle on your job search; gain leverage in the interviewing and hiring process – while demonstrating your potential as a “star employee.”

Author, speaker, Certified International Master Director and Nationally Certified Resume Writer, Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a career-services industry expert and is known as "The Career Artisan." She has 14 years' experience providing expert career coaching, marketing, and branding for the mid to senior-level job seeker.  Mary Elizabeth is the author of two guidebooks: "Secrets of the Unadvertised Job Market...Revealed!" and "Phone Networking Secrets Revealed." Her publications have been lauded by both clients and colleagues as "powerful," "comprehensive" and "highly effective."

Mary Elizabeth is a member of the highly esteemed Career Directors International and serves on their Innovation Committee. She also obtained her Certification as an Advanced Resume Writer and Master Career Director through CDI.

“Mary Elizabeth is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to job-search techniques… she's on the cutting-edge of the most effective and time saving ways to capitalize on unadvertised positions.” JRO, Lansing, MI


Setting Goals and Staying Motivated
During a Job Search

Eric Taylor, inspirational speaker and co-creator of the "Best Year Ever" success system, shares his secrets for increasing personal energy, elevating confidence levels, and managing time to achieve job-search and life goals. Hear why major corporations such as Verizon, American Express, and Tiffany’s hire Eric to inspire and energize their work forces. Looking for a job can be overwhelming and stressful. Eric provides strategies to increase your productivity and results – even when you don’t feel like it! You will learn:

  • Effective goal-setting techniques: increasing personal accountability to help you succeed.

  • Networking and communication strategies to make goal attainment easier.

  • Energy-Boosting System: Eric’s D.R.E.A.M.S. system explained.

  • Time Mastery: Fitting it all in – making time for family, work, and self; accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Eric Taylor is the Founder and President of Empowerment Group International and the Chief Inspiration Officer of, the leading self improvement website. Eric creates and delivers high-energy seminars that inspire and empower people to take decisive action toward personal and professional growth.  He speaks more than 100 times a year for major corporations.

Eric is the author of "The Energy Passport," co-creator of “Best Year Ever! - Secrets and Strategies for Unlimited Success" and a contributing author to the book, "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life."  

"(Eric's) energy and enthusiasm continue to grow each day. He delivers his message with passion and clarity and communicates very practical ideas that can be implemented immediately into your personal and professional life. I would highly recommend speaking with Eric to see how he can help you.” - Matt Appel, Principal, The Appel Financial Group


Making a Career Transition in a Tough Job Market

When you read statistics concerning the overwhelming levels of career dissatisfaction in this country, it is no wonder that so many people are contemplating jumping ship in search of another career. But is it possible to make a career transition when so many people are being laid off? “Yes!” says human resources executive and career coach Renee Alfieri, but you need to know how to go about it. Join Renee and learn what steps you must take to achieve a successful transition. You will learn:

  • How to facilitate a career transition through networking and relationship management.

  • How to use “transferable skills” to impress a recruiter and level the playing field.

  • Techniques to build your credentials and knowledge base for your new career.

  • How to “test the waters” to see if the new career is truly for you.

Renee Alfieri has 20+ years of staffing and human resources management experience. She served as a Senior Human Resources Business Partner at First Data, a Human Resources Manager for Home Depot, and a Senior Recruitment Specialist at FedEx.  Renee earned a Master’s Degree in Career Counseling from NYU.

Renee specializes in talent acquisition, career exploration and transitions, executive leadership development, and human resources consulting. She holds seven career-services certifications including Career Development Facilitator, Professional Certified Coach, and Certified Employment Interview Professional. Renee is the owner of Empowering Inquiry and provides professional coaching services to job seekers.

"Working with Renee has been a life changing experience for me. Her coaching sessions consistently provide fresh opportunities to understand and appreciate the true nature of my life situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there. Once my vision is clear, Renee's coaching provides an effective accountability to keep me on the path that I have chosen."  -Melody Pourmoradi, CEO of Caprina Handbags, mother of twin toddlers


Blueprint to Success:
Creating an Effective Job-Search Plan

Landing a great job doesn’t happen by chance. To capture the attention of an employer in this job market, you need a targeted goal, a viable plan, and a systematic approach. In this seminar, Robert Mandelberg, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Employment Interview Professional, explains the step-by-step process of developing and launching a powerful job-search plan.  You will learn:

  • The biggest mistake job-seekers make – and how to avoid it.

  • How to identify your unique value, and relate it to employers’ needs.

  • The four times you need to state your value.

  • Techniques to minimize the competition and gain an edge in the job market.

  • The best strategy for finding the right “fit” between you and an employer.

Robert Mandelberg is the creator of the Jumpstart Your Job-Search Tele-Summit, and has been a career-services professional since 1987.  Specializing in resume writing and interview coaching, Rob has helped more than 18,000 people reach their career goals.  Dubbed “ResumeRob” by his clients, Rob is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and a Certified Employment Interview Professional.

Rob’s career articles appear on numerous job-search websites across the United States, and he has appeared on the CBS Evening News for their feature on Honesty on Resumes.  Rob is also a published author, with six books published by Sterling Publishing.

"Rob - Just a quick note to thank you for your guidance and coaching. The resume you wrote and the techniques you taught me really helped me feel confident on my interview … I got the job I wanted, and I truly believe it was because of how you prepared me for the interview. Thanks again for everything!" - Sonia Falotico

Land More Interviews with a Powerful Resume

Does your resume reflect the unique value you are offering? Does it present your worth and highlight your accomplishments? Learn from an industry expert and Certified Resume Writer the secrets of creating cutting-edge resume strategies, capturing the attention of employers, and landing more interviews. In this class, you will learn:

  • How to develop a resume strategy to match your strengths to employers’ needs.

  • Eye-catching formatting techniques to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

  • Biggest resume mistakes that can ruin your chances of landing an interview.

  • Techniques to make sure your resume presents your true value.

  • How to overcome resume challenges including gaps in employment, job-hopping, relocation, and re-entering the work force.



Can you imagine how confident you will feel fully armed with a focused job search plan, a well-written, achievement-oriented resume and cover letter, knowledge of the latest and greatest interviewing techniques, and advanced networking capabilities?

Okay, Okay, I’m Sold … How Much?

If you were to hire professionals to coach you in each step of creating your job-search plan, you would spend thousands of dollars (a professionally written resume and cover letter alone is several hundred dollars), and it would take you weeks or months to schedule appointments and build your plan.

Instead, you have the opportunity to attend a comprehensive, vital seminar featuring career experts over the course of one day – without even leaving your home! Although you might expect a seminar featuring this level of information to cost $500.00 or more, the “Jumpstart Your Job-Search” is only $99.00. That includes attendance at all 10 modules (either over your computer or by telephone). That’s nine hours of expert advice – in practically every area of job search.  (And remember, even if you can't make it to all of the classes, you will be given links to the recordings after the Summit!)

$ 99.

Why Should You Attend the Jumpstart Your Job-Search Tele-Summit?

Yes, the Jumpstart Your Job-Search Tele-Summit is packed with 10 incredible seminars conducted by industry experts … Yes, you can attend the summit in the comfort of your home or office – via telephone or computer … Yes, you can enjoy a reduced rate. But, what does that mean? What will you get out of it?


You’ll Get …

  • Expert advice in creating a job-search plan (Compare at $150 to $300 for job-search coaching)

  • Tips and secrets to develop a high-impact resume and cover letter (Compare at $200.00 to $1,000 to create a professionally written resume and cover letter)

  • Techniques for personal branding to help identify your value and job target (Compare at $350.00 and up for personal career analysis)

  • A powerful interviewing system to persuasively present your value (Compare at $150.00 to $300.00 for an interview coaching session)

  • Powerful techniques from experts on negotiating better salaries and benefits (Value: Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of Thousands?)

  • Insider secrets on getting the attention of employers from top recruiters and human resources professionals (Unique value – not available professionally)

  • Inspiration from national motivational speakers – to keep you productive and energized during your job search (Compare at $100.00 to $500.00 for coaching or live seminars)

  • Tips on breaking into the “unadvertised” job market, giving you access to company decision makers – before these jobs are ever made public.  (Value:  $Priceless!)

  • Tons and tons of resources to facilitate your job search ($Priceless!)

  • Confidence in your worth, credentials, experience, and interviewing skill ($Priceless!)

  • Knowledge of the ins and outs of assessments, networking, LinkedIn, career transitions, and much more ($Priceless!)



Special Report: 10 Vital Strategies to Maximize your Career Success by Ford R. Myers

Ford R. Myers, career management professional, author, national speaker, and a key presenter at the Job Search Summit (see Ford's full bio above), has developed a SPECIAL REPORT where he shares his secrets to achieving career success. In this content-rich report, Ford reveals his perpetual career management system, providing in-depth techniques to take charge of your career. In this 17-page report, you will learn:

- The 10 critical components to career management.
- How to strengthen your qualifications, expert status, and leadership credentials.
- Secrets of effective networking and relationship management.
- How to identify and capitalize on career opportunities.
- Techniques to keep you ahead of the competition.





Audio Recordings of the Live Speed Interview Event with Carole Martin, “The Interview Coach.”  In these recordings, you will hear Carole provide more than two hours of expertise and coaching to job seekers.  She explains secrets of crafting interview strategies to communicate value, address employers’ needs, and stand out from the crowd.  In these powerful, real-life interview coaching sessions, you will learn:


- How to prove two critical factors:  “Can you do the job?” and “Do you fit in?”

- Deadly mistakes made during interviews – and how to avoid them!

- How to prepare for a behavior-based interview.

- Tips on formulating winning answers to routine and complex interview questions.

- How to deal with difficult or sensitive problems experienced by many candidates.


Carole Martin, “The Interview Coach,” is among the leading authorities on interviewing in the United States.  Carole is the author of four books on interviewing:  “Interview Fitness Training,” “Boost Your Interview IQ,” “Perfect Phrases for the Perfect Interview” and “Boost Your Hiring IQ.” 


What If …?

What if the tele-summit provided you with ONLY ONE of the above benefits. If JUST ONE technique helped you strengthen your resume, improve your interviewing skills, increase your responses, or shorten your job search – wouldn’t that be worth the cost of this program – many times over?


“Can this Tele-Summit really do all you are saying?”

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  But I understand your concern.  Nobody wants to spend money on something unless they are sure it will deliver the value that is promised.  Which is why I am willing to completely eliminate any risk on your part.  I am so convinced that you will be thrilled with the information this summit delivers, that I am ready to offer you a full, complete, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.  It’s what I call:

The “Make You Happy” Guarantee

Here is how it works:

Register for the tele-summit.  Receive all the links to your audio recordings.  Listen to the entire summit.  Learn.  Create your job-search plan.  And if you believe that you did not get value from the program, then send me an email to requesting your money back.  I will refund your money 100% (no questions asked!).

So, what’s stopping you??
Can you really afford NOT to attend this summit?


to purchase you NO-RISK ticket
for the Jump-Start Your Job Search Tele-Summit

Pay in full the reduced rate of $99.

(You will receive links to download the entire Summit - 10 classes - AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE)


This is by far the most important program that I have ever been a part of in my 22 years of experience as a job-search professional. I am so excited knowing that I will be helping many job seekers reach their career goals. I look forward to “seeing” at the Summit!


Robert Mandelberg
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)
(732) 544-1285


Every effort has been made to represent our program accurately.  Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. There is no guarantee that you will have the same or similar results as those in our testimonials. 

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